EL-C For Wafer Fab

The ECO-SNOW® Extreme Lithography Cleaning System (EL-C™) removes nanometer-scale particle contamination for wafer fab mask back side clean application (with pellicle on). ECO-SNOW® cleaning is a fast, environmentally friendly, “all dry” non-contact process that offers numerous advantages that compliment conventional wet clean systems. EL-C system for the wafer fab is targeted for effectively removing the backside particles as small as 5 to 10 µm.

System Features:

  • Atmospheric processing
  • OHT Capable
  • RSP-150 SMIF Pods RFID Tag Reading
  • Reticle Barcode Reading
  • Light Curtain Safety Check for OHT transfer
  • Environmentally controlled ISO Class 3 cleaning chamber
  • Advanced ESD control
  • Internal dew point monitor
  • Compact footprint
  • GEM/SECS-II compatible
  • Semi S2/S8 and CE Mark compliance

System Benefits:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Multiple process capability
  • Completely dry process - no chemical or DI water waste
  • High PRE
  • High reliability, high uptime
  • High throughput
  • Full mask or local area cleaning
  • No change to phase, transmission or CDs
  • Fully automated