Eco-Snow® offers a range of powerful standard products, each thoroughly proven in rigorous industrial environments. Based on a flexible, standard system design, Eco-Snow systems allow key variables to be optimized for each individual application. As a result, all of our machines share the following features:

Superior Performance

Eco-Snow cleaning has proven consistently superior to conventional cleaning technologies such as solvent spray, air blow, aqueous or megasonics methods across a wide range of applications.

Time Efficient

Spraying time is significantly shorter than with competing solvent spray methods.

No Waste or Residue

Clean-up and disposal problems associated with water or solvents are eliminated.

Cost Effective

CO2 is readily available and costs less than conventional solvents, and the system's small footprint saves on valuable plant floor space.

Environmentally Compatible

CO2 is environmentally non-hazardous and meets the requirements of the Montreal Protocol for not damaging the ozone layer. The global warming potential of CO2 is 1. This is dramatically lower than solvent substitutes. CO2 from Rave N.P., Inc. is a recycled waste product for other industrial processes. Typically it is produced near the point of use, minimizing the carbon footprint required for transportation to the customer site.


Delicate structures such as cantilever arms of accelerometers and sub-micron features on wafer and photomasks can be completely cleaned without damage. Eco-Snow processes can clean delicate surfaces from gold coating to pristine silicon without damage.