The PC-1500 system is the next generation replacement for the PC-1000, and is designed to clean a variety of substrates using a patented liquid CO2 cleaning technology suite developed by Eco-Snow Systems.
System Features:
• Class-one cleaning enclosure.
• Automated part transfer using a PLC-controlled conveyor system.

  • Automated cleaning motion control.

• Custom cleaning recipe creation.
• Cleaning Nozzle Angle Control.
• ESD mitigation.
• Dew Point Control.
• CO2 delivery hardware and expertise.
The PC-1500 uses patented nozzle and purification technology developed by Eco-Snow to create the proper snow cleaning conditions for the removal of contaminants from precision components. The PC-1500 is designed to be a multifunction tool that can serve a variety of markets. Some of the current applications include:

  • Back-end imaging PC board cleaning
  • Cleaning of OEL glass substrates
  • Cleaning of MEMS sensor packages