System Description
The VersaClean 1400 is a stand-alone, semi-automated CO2 cleaning system. Employing Eco-Snow’s patented CO2 spraying technology, the VersaClean 1400 is designed to clean a variety of electronic and semiconductor products, including:

  • MEMS and MEMS packaging
  • electronic circuit board components during assembly
  • precision optical components
  • photomask substrates

With its dry CO2 cleaning process, the VersaClean 1400 provides a superior means of removing particulate and light organic contaminants from the target product. The system’s precision surface processing technology offers numerous advantages over conventional cleaning methods, including:

  • dry-in, dry-out product cleaning
  • reduced cycle times
  • compact footprint
  • no chemical wastes.

System Features:
The VersaClean 1400 system offers the following standard features:

  • versatile process control
  • processing of products up to 11” square
  • a Class-One cleaning enclosure, in which a blower with a high-capacity ULPA filter
  • manual product loading and unloading via a loading drawer
  • Tooling plate adapter designed to accommodate a wide variety of custom tooling plates
  • automated nozzle-position control by a Class-1 robot
  • automated product rotation by a Class-1, continuous rotation turntable robot
  • dew-point control
  • chamber temperature control
  • process-start circuit interlocked
  • an E95-compliant user interface, a 17” flat-panel display, and an ergonomic keyboard with integrated touch pad