The Eco-Snow WaferClean® 2100EX+ system removes particulate contamination, post-etch veils and fences, as well as thin-film organic residues from Silicon, Compound, MEMS and MR Head wafers. This is a stand-alone, automated CO2 snow cleaning system designed to accommodate wafers and pucks as large as 8" in diameter or 8"x 8" square. The multi-nozzle design enables the user to select the optimal nozzle for the application at hand. An ULPA filter and fan module is used to maintain an ultraclean (Class 1) environment inside the stainless steel cleaning chamber.

The system employs four robotic mechanisms to transfer and clean the parts:

  • Wafer transfer robot: moves wafers between the input cassette, the pre-aligner, the platen, and the output cassette
  • Pre-aligner: centers and rotates wafers into proper alignment before their transfer to the platen
  • Nozzle assembly: moves the arm containing the CO2 nozzles along the X- axis
  • Platen robot: rotates the platen and moves it along the Y-axis