Technical Papers

International Workshop on EUV Lithography 2016

"Extending CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Cleaning for EUV Mask Cleaning."

SEMATECH Mask Cleaning Workshop 2011
"Durability of Ru Film on EUV Blanks Using CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Cleaning."

BACUS 2011
"Extending CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Cleaning for Advanced Optical and EUV Mask Cleaning."

Sematech Mask Cleaning Workshop 2010
CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Technology Application for Photomask Cleaning

SEMATECH Mask Cleaning Workshop 2009
"Advances in CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Technology for Photomask Post AFM Repair"

Photomask Japan 2009
Advances in post AFM repair cleaning of photomask with CO2 cryogenic
aerosol technology

Sematech Mask Cleaning Workshop 2008
CO2 Cyrogenic Aerosol Technology for Advanced Mask Cleaning

ECS 2007
Post Ion-Implant Photoresist Removal via Wet Chemical Cleans Combined with Physical Force Pretreatments

Sematech 2006
A Study of Resist Removal and Damage in Non-Ashing High Dose Implant Strip

ECS 2005
High dose implant strip in FEOL IC manufacturing using a combination of cryogenic and wet cleaning techniques

Sematech Conference 2005
Non-Ashing High Dose Implant Strip in IC Manufacturing

Sematech Conference 2004
Sub-micron Particle Removal In Microelectronics Manufacturing By CO2 Cryogenic Technology

Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology
Principles and Mechanisms of Sub-Micrometer Particle Removal by CO2 Cryogenic Technique
2010 BACUS Poster
Fundamentals and Applications of Dry CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol for Photomask Cleaning

BACUS 2009
"Advances in CO2 Cryogenic Aerosol Technology for Photomask Post AFM Repair"

Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2009
Twan Bearda of IMEC presented a joint paper with Eco-Snow:
"Post-dicing Particle Control for 3D Stacked IC Integration Flows"

IMAPS International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging 2009
Unique Application of CO2 Cryogenic
Aerosol Cleaning for Particle Removal
in MEMS and Packaging Fabrication

SPCC 2008
Impact of CO2 Cryogenic Pre-treatment on Ion Implanted Photoresist Wet Cleaning

SEMATECH Surface Cleaning Conference 2007
Study of removing high dose implanted photoresist by combination of a CO2 cryogenic process and non-oxidizing chemistry

Semicon Japan 2005
Removal of High Dose Implanted Photresist Using Non-Damaging CO2 Cryoaerosol Method

BACUS 2005
Characterization of Photomask Surface Cleaning with Cryogenic Aerosol Technique

Photomask Japan 2005
This paper describes the mechanism and cleaning results of a dry cleaning technology using CO2 cryogenic aerosols

UCPSS 2004
Non-Damaging CO2 Aerosol Cleaning in FEOL IC Manufacturing

ECS 2003
Aqueous Cryogenically Enhanced Post Copper CMP Cleaning